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Propitious Dog

Leaving 2017 Year of the Rooster, 2018 Year of dog is coming. As Spring Festival which is China's most important traditional festival arrives, China's first encrypted zodiac collection applications based on blockchain technology will be released on the ASCH Chain platform.

  • Easy to use

  • Lovely style

  • Value delivery


"Propitious Dog" application, the encrypted zodiac collection application, is developed based on the ASCH Chain platform, including purchase, sale, giving, breeding, IP modeling and many other ways of playing. Cute cartoon images and random rare types greatly increase the playability and enjoyment of the game. The use of blockchain technology has greatly enhanced the security of the game. The market attributes of buying and selling, and the social attributes of giving and breeding reflect the value delivery of the game more incisively and vividly. Meanwhile, each adorable encrypted puppy is unique here. In addition to online value delivery, it can also combine with many application scenarios below the line just like the Disney peripheral products, and it has a lot of space for imagination. As the master, how to shape it's IP is depend on you!